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Samstag, 8. Januar 2005, 23:14

Connichi 2005 AMV Contest - English [Update]

Welcome to Germany's biggest AMV-Contest, that takes place on the Connichi for the 4th time this year.

The new rules can be downloaded here (pdf file): http://amvc-en.animedownload.de/
You will need the Adobe Reader 5 or later to open the file.
I want to give many thanks to The Dude aka J.C.Denton, who wrote this fine translation.

This forum is meant to be the first place to get the latest Information for anyone interested. I will try to inform at other places, too, but I cannot guarantee it. So please feel free to check this site frequently :)

Minor change of rules:
( due to some probs with my main PC, I'm not able to edit the pdf, therefore I post it here)

- Registration now available go to http://amvregister-en.connichi.de/ to register.

-FTP send is only available if you ask MAGI personally

-FAQ wasn't available and never will be